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HVAC products and building automation systems (Free PDF)

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In many countries, energy generation, distribution and consumption are issues of vital importance and receive top priority. Yet the challenges for the world’s energy markets could not be more different: In growth markets energy demand is increasing rapidly while in industrialized nations the focus is more on cost efficiency and climate protection. 
State-of-the-art smart buildings play a key role. Expertly combining building technology with energy transmission and distribution significantly improves energy efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas emissions with groundbreaking effect. 
Building automation and control systems (BACS) can have a positive impact on the energy balance of a building. However, because of their complexity and costs, they were mostly restricted to large commercial and office buildings in the past. Thanks to new remote access technologies, small and medium-sized buildings are now able to enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive BACS in a cost-effective manner. Access via the Synco IC Web Portal allows authorized personnel to check the status of multiple buildings simultaneously and, if needed, intervene in any system at any time and from anywhere. Data security has top priority. System access is through an encrypted Internet connection; to guarantee complete security, plant values and data are stored locally on the Synco Web Server.

Energy efficiency will doubtlessly remain a central issue for all of us, particularly if we want to leave a healthy environment for future generations. With innovative and environmentally friendly technologies, Siemens has been promoting environmental protection and the conscientious use of energy in buildings and rooms for many years. Wherever possible, our offerings cover efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout the entire lifecycle of a building.

Efficiency, however, goes beyond the aspect of energy: Our integrated applications connect all disciplines in a building; panels and control units are intuitive and easy to operate. Our field devices are constructed for ease of use and highest control accuracy. Thus, with valves and actuators from Siemens all controll and hydraulic requirements can be fulfilled easily and as well as increasing the efficiency of the plant can be increased.
Benefit from our comprehensive range of innovative products and tested applications to enhance the efficiency in buildings and to protect the environment. Siemens provides comprehensive support through tools and new apps for smartphones and tablet PCs, enabling you to find quickly the right product from our extensive offerings.

1. Standard controllers
2. Software web and remote access
3. Room automation
4. Home automation system
5. Thermostats
6. Sensors
7. Valves and actuators
8. Damper actuators
9. Variable speed drives
10. Meter
A. Practical tips 

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