Friday, December 28, 2018

IDC Technologies: Communications, Industrial Networking and TCP/IP

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IDC Technologies specializes in providing high quality state-of-the-art technical training workshops to engineers, scientists and technicians throughout the world. More then 300,000 engineers have attended IDC's Workshops over the past 16 years. The tremendous success of the technical training workshop is based in part on the enormous investment IDC puts into constant review and updating of the workshops, an unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards and most importantly - Enthusiastic, experienced IDC engineers who present the workshops and keep up-to-date with consultancy work.

The objective of this booklet is to provide today's engineers with useful technical information and as an aide-memoir when you need to refresh your memory. This 5th edition of the pocket Guide Series has been updated to include new information including Telecommunications, TCP/IP and Field Bus and Device Networks.

Concepts that are important and useful to the engineer, scientist and Technician, independent off discripline, are covered in this useful booklet.

1. Data Communications
2. Industrial Networking and TCP/IP
3. Theory of Fiber Optic Transmission
Appendix A: Glossary of Terms
Appendix B: ASCII Tables
Appendix C: EIA Communication Interface Standards
Appendix D: Units and Abbreviations
Appendix E: Commonly used Formulae
Who is IDC Technologies
Technical training Workshops

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