Monday, December 17, 2018

Introduction to Heat Transfer (Free PDF)

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The philosophy of the text is based on the development of an inductive approach to the formulation and solution of applied problems. Explores the principle that heat transfer rests on, but goes beyond, thermodynamics. Ideal as an introduction to engineering heat transfer.

1. Foundations of Heat Transfer.
2. Steady Conduction.
3. Unsteady/Steady, Multidimensional Conduction.
4. Computational Conduction.
5. Foundations of Convection.
6. Correlations for Convection.
7. Heat Exchangers.
8. Foundations of Radiation.
9. Enclosure Radiation.
10. Gas Radiation.
11. Phase Change.
A. Correlations
B. Thermophysical Properties
C. SI Units
D. Heisler Charts

Author Details
"Vedat S. Arpaci"
 University of Michigan
"Ahmet Selamet"
University of Michigan
"Shu-Hsin Ka"

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