Sunday, December 30, 2018

Machine Shop Trade Secrets: A Guide to Manufacturing Machine Shop Practices

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James Harvey has written an excellent book that fills a void in current metalworking instructional books. Most textbooks are aimed at the beginner in the machining trade and cover basic work practice admirably. What textbooks do not do is sit you down with a veteran of the trade who can fill you in on the tips and tricks that allow working faster, accurately and intelligently. What amazed me is at how all these tips are not recycled versions of the ones we are all familiar with (as published by Lindsay's books and others) but are new tips, all useful and pertinent to the tools and methods of today.”

Written by an experienced machinist and plastic injection mold maker, this groundbreaking manual will have users thinking and producing like experienced machinists. Machine Shop Trade Secrets provides practical “how-to” information that can immediately be put to use to improve ones machining skills, craftsmanship, and productivity. It is sure to be used and referred to time and again.

List of Figures
1. Work Fast
2. Get It Right
3. Do It The Easy Way
4. Make 'Em Look Good
5. Help For Novices
6. More Shop Talk
7. The Cutter Caper
8. Threads and Things
9. Help For Engineers
10. Rotary Table Magic
11. Taming Warp
12. Be Square
13. Mold Making Tips
14. Get Your Grinder Goin'
15. The Incredible CNC
16. Shop Math Wizardry
17. Odds and Ends
18. Tell Me Something I Don't Know
Appendix 1: Project Drawings
Appendix 2: Chapter 16 Solutions
Appendix 3: More Trade Secrets

Author Details
"James Harvey" is a full-time machinist and plastic mold maker. He has made his living working in shops across the U.S. for nearly 40 years. His no-nonsense approach to listing machining rules-of-thumb is an unprecedented, effective way to share this valuable knowledge

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