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Machine Tool Practices (9th Edition)

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This classic book features a richly illustrated, intensely visual treatment of basic machine tool technology and related subjects, including measurement and tools, reading drawings, mechanical hardware, hand tools, metallurgy, and the essentials of CNC. Covering introductory through advanced topics, Machine Tool Practices is formatted so that it may be used in a traditional lab-lecture program or a self-paced program. The book is divided into major sections that contain many instructional units. Each unit contains listed objectives, self tests with answers, and boxed material covering shop tips, safety, and new technologies. In this updated edition there are over 600 new photos and 1,500 revised line drawings!

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About the Authors
SECTION A: Introduction
SECTION B: Hand Tools
SECTION C: Dimensional Measurement
SECTION D: Materials
SECTION F: Preparation for Machining Operations
SECTION G: Sawing Machines
SECTION H: Drilling Machines
SECTION I: Turning Machines
SECTION J: Vertical Milling Machines
SECTION K: Horizontal Spindle Milling
SECTION L: Grinding and Abrasive Machining Processes
SECTION M: Computer Numerical Control and Other Advanced Machining Processes
APPENDIX 1: Answers to Self-Tests
APPENDIX 2: General Tables
APPENDIX 3: Precision Vise Project Drawings
Author Details
"Richard R. Kibbe" served his apprenticeship in the shipbuilding industry and was graduated as a journeyman marine machinist. He holds an Associate in Arts degree in applied arts from Yuba Community College with an emphasis in machine tool technology.

"Roland O. Meyer" spent the first 20 years of his career in the metal-working industry as a tool and die maker, machinist and worked in machine design and manufacturing. He completed his apprenticeship as a tool and die maker at Siemens in Germany and continued there as a journeyman building progressive punching dies.

"John E. Neely" grew up in the Pacific Northwest and entered the Army to serve in World War II. The life John E. Neely is characterized by hard work, a variety of successes, and mentoring many others who became a part of his life.

"Warren White" apprenticed as an Optical Instrument Maker with Land-Air, Inc. After military service with the Army Air Defense Board he obtained a graduate degree in Psychology at Clark University

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