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Machines & Mechanisms: Applied Kinematic Analysis (4th Edition)

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The objective of this book is to provide the techniques necessary to study the motion of machines. A focus is placed on the application of kinematic theories to real-world machinery. It is intended to bridge the gap between a theoretical study of kinematics and the application to practical mechanisms.
Students completing a course of study using this book should be able to determine the motion characteristics of a machine. The topics presented in this book are critical in machine design
process as such analyses should be performed on design concepts to optimize the motion of a machine arrangement.
This fourth edition incorporates much of the feedback received from instructors and students who used the first three editions. Some enhancements include a section introducing special-purpose mechanisms; expanding the descriptions of kinematic properties to more precisely define the property; clearly identifying vector quantities through standard boldface notation; including timing charts; presenting analytical synthesis methods; clarifying the tables describing cam follower
motion; and adding a standard table used for selection of chain pitch. The end-of-chapter problems have been reviewed.
In addition, many new problems have been included. It is expected that students using this book will have a good background in technical drawing, college algebra, and trigonometry. Concepts from elementary calculus are mentioned, but a background in calculus is not required.
Also, knowledge of vectors, mechanics, and computer application software, such as spreadsheets, will be useful. However, these concepts are also introduced in the book.

1 Introduction to Mechanisms and Kinematics
2 Building Computer Models of Mechanisms Using Working Model Software
3 Vectors
4 Position and Displacement Analysis
5 Mechanism Design
6 Velocity Analysis
7 Acceleration Analysis
8 Computer-Aided Mechanism Analysis
9 Cams: Design and Kinematic Analysis
10 Gears: Kinematic Analysis and Selection
11 Belt and Chain Drives
12 Screw Mechanisms
13 Static Force Analysis
14 Dynamic Force Analysis
Answers to Selected Even-Numbered

Author Details
"David H. Myszka" 
University of Dayton

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