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Manufacturing Design, Production, Automation, and Integration

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This book is a comprehensive, integrated treatise on manufacturing engineering in the modern age. By addressing the three important aspects of manufacturing—namely, design, production processes, and automation—it presents the state of the art in manufacturing as well as a careful treatment of
the fundamentals. All topics have been carefully selected for completeness, researched, and discussed as accurately as possible, with an emphasis on computer integration. Design is discussed from concept development to the engineering analysis of the final product, with frequent reference to the various processes of fabrication. Numerous common fabrication processes (traditional and modern) are subsequently detailed and contextualized in terms of product design and automation. In the third part of the book, manufacturing control is discussed at the machine level as well as the system level (namely, material flow control in flexible manufacturing systems).

Although the book does discuss the totality of the design cycle, it does not present an exhaustive discussion of all manufacturing processes in existence. It emphasizes the most common types of metal processing, plastics processing, and powder processing, including modern processes such as laser cutting and numerous lithography-based methods. In the third part of the book, continuous control is not discussed in detail; students interested in automation are expected to have a basic knowledge of the topic. Discrete- event control—a topic rarely introduced in manufacturing books—is addressed because of its vital importance in system control.

1. Competitive Manufacturing
Part I: Engineering Design 
2. Conceptual Design
3. Design Methodologies
4. Computer-Aided Design
5. Computer-Aided Engineering Analysis and Prototyping
Part II: Discrete-Parts Manufacturing6. Metal Casting, Powder Processing, and Plastics Molding
7. Metal Forming
8. Machining
9. Modern Manufacturing Techniques
10. Assembly
11. Workholding—Fixtures and Jigs
12. Materials Handling
Part III: Automatic Control in Manufacturing
13. Instrumentation for Manufacturing Control
14. Control of Production and Assembly Machines
15. Supervisory Control of Manufacturing Systems
16. Control of Manufacturing Quality

Author Details
"Beno Benhabib" 
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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