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Manufacturing Engineer’s Reference Book (Free PDF)

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No reference book on manufacturing engineering will ever be an unqualified success. It cannot be a panacea for those seeking cures for the ills of poor management. At best it provides an insight into the multifarious techniques and processes which combine to enable goods to be produced competitively in terms of cost, quality, reliability and delivery. Within manufacturing organisations it is to be hoped that specialist knowledge exists in all the relevant fields, extending beyond the confines of the chapters in a reference book. If it does not exist, the companies must ensure that they acquire it by providing suitable training or by employing experts, if they hope to survive.

What purpose is served, then, by this sort of reference book? The editor believes that, apart from those copies which are destined to gather dust in executives’ bookcases to help provide an ambience of professional respectability, the book will be useful for top and middle managers who feel the need
to widen their perspectives. With this in mind it has been written in compartmentalised form, each section being freestanding and capable of being understood as an introductory text. It will also be of use to engineering students as an adjunct to the more specific texts used in support of their lectures.

List of Contributors
1. Materials Properties and Selection
2. Polymers, Plastics and Rubbers
3. Metal Casting and Moulding Processes'
4. Metal Forming
5. Large-chip Metal Removal
6. Non-chip Metal Removal
7. Electronic Manufacture
8. Metal Finishing Processes
9. Fabrication
10. Electrical and Electronic Principles
11. Microprocessors, Instrumentation and Control
12. Machine Tool Control Elements
13. Communication and Integration Systems
14. Computers in Manufacturing
15. Manufacturing and Operations Management
16. Manufacturing Strategy
17. Control of Quality
18. Terotechnology and Maintenance
19. Ergonomics

Author Details
Edited by
"Dal Koshal"
with specialist contributors

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