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Material science (Free PDF)

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Material Science has become a very important subject as an interdisciplinary course in almost all universities. Keeping this in view we have developed the subject matter for B.E. (Material Science and Metallurgy/ Production Engineering/Mechanical Engineering), A.M.I.E., Diploma in engineering, M.Sc. (Material Science/Physics/Chemistry) and B.Sc. (Hons.) courses as per their latest syllabii. The book is also useful for UPSC, GATE, NET, SLET and other entrance examinations. 
A reasonably wide coverage in sufficient depth has been attempted, giving the importance to the basic principles, essential theory and experimental details necessary for understanding the nature, properties and applications of materials. All efforts have been made to provide topics which are of great use to the readers, e.g. semiconductors, superconductors, polymers, composites, nanostructured materials, etc. Latest developments, e.g. quantum dots, spinotrics, MOSFET, Microelectronic circuits, MEMS, nanotechnology, etc. are also covered.
To make the text more useful, good number of worked out problems, review questions, problems, shortquestion answers, typical objective questions, suggested readings are provided with each chapter. We are thankful to M/s New Age International (P) Limited Publishers, for their untiring efforts in bringing out the book with excellent printing and nice get up within the shortest possible time period. Suggestions for the improvement of the book are most welcome.

1. Classification and Selection of Materials
2. Atomic Structure, and Electronic Configuration
3. Crystal Geometry, Structure and Defects
4. Bonds in Solids
5. Electron Theory of Metals
6. Photoelectric Effect
7. Diffusion in Solids
8. Mechanical Properties of Materials and Mechanical Tests
9. Alloy Systems, Phase Diagrams and Phase Transformations
10. Heat Treatment
11. Deformation of Materials
12. Oxidation and Corrosion
13. Thermal and Optical Properties of Materials Section
14. Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Materials
15. Semiconductors
16. Superconductivity and Superconducting Materials
17. Organic Materials: Polymers and Elastomers
18. Composites
19. Nanostructured Materials
Appendix 1: Units, Conversion Factors, Physical Constants Units
Appendix 2: Conversion Factors 630
Appendix 3: Physical Constants 632
Appendix 4: Prefix Names, Symbols and Multiplication Factors 633
Subject Index

Author Details
"S.L. Kakani"
"Amit Kakani"

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