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Mechanisms and Machine Theory (Free PDF)

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This publication aims at covering subjects related to mechanisms and machines in general, such as design theory and methodology, kinematics of mechanisms, computational kinematics, multibody dynamics, dynamics of machinery, gearing and transmissions, and transportation machinery. Internal combustion engines have been analyzed in Chapter 1 while modern nondismountable steel shell spark plugs are examined in the second chapter. Progressive technological methods implemented in production, high mechanization and automation were examined in the third chapter., Gear mechanisms used as summing (subtraction) mechanisms, mechanisms for co-ordination of two movements, mechanisms for compensating for the difference in angular speeds of independent movements, have been described in detail in the fourth Chapter. Suitable pressure vessel designs for minimum masses of transporting and storing compressed air were examined in the last chapter. The vessels were to carry an internal pressure, contain an internal volume and be made from material for ease of storage and transportation. Discussion of relevant decisions and applicability selection has been based on the design of thin shells depending primarily on the magnitude of the general system of membrane stresses. Attention has been also given to the effect of local bending stresses at regions of discontinuity in the shell. Chapter 6 analyzes handling mechanisms and namely, manual winches. Most of them are designed for industrial applications to handle heavy loads. Finally in the seventh chapter a bench drilling machine is designed and developed, intended to fill the market niche providing construction and functionality. By drilling small diameter holes in semi-finished products and materials is constantly the bench drill is required in large and small-scale industrial production, maintenance and repair activities, in subcontractor workshops, and at home. The size range of these holes makes the use of large size drill presses inefficient.

CHAPTER 1: Internal Combustion Systems   
1.1 Car Engines
1.2. Carburetor type engine fuel
1.3. Diesel engines fuels
CHAPTER 2: Spark Plug Material Selection & Manufacturing 
2.1 Electric spark ignition of combustion mixture
2.2 Spark Plug Thermal Characteristics
2.3 Manufacture
CHAPTER 3: High Energy Rate (Her) Forming  
3.1 Explosives and physical nature of explosions
3.2 Characteristics & Technological Features Of Hydro-Explosive
CHAPTER 4: Gear Drive Assembly  
4.1 Explanatory
4.2 Operation principle
4.3 Design calculations
4.4 Description of the Mechanism
4.5 Mechanism specification& design
CHAPTER 5: Local Bending Stresses in Axi-Symmetrical Thin Shells for Storing Pressure Vessels  
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Aluminium Small Capacity, Highly Pressurized Shell
5.3 HSS Large Capacity, Low Pressure Loading Tank
5.4 Discussion
5.5. Selecting Acid-Resistant Materials
5.6 Additional Tank Protection Techniques
5.7. Selecting the Metal Material for Making Another Storage Tank for 10% Sulphuric Acid
CHAPTER 6: A Manual Winch Design  
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Design Requirements
6.3 Conceptualisation & Design Creativity
6.4 The Design Concept 
6.5 Development Stages
6.6 Market Research
6.7 Initial Parameters Determination
6.8 Mechanical Diagram Selection
6.9 Calculations & Assemblies & Components Selection
6.10 Marketing criteria. End-user & market requirements.
6.11 Product Functionality, End Use & Performance Specification
CHAPTER 7: A Bench Drilling Machine  
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Available Product Types
7.3 Design Development Of The Bench Drilling Machine
7.4 Determining the Rotation Speed & Power of The Electrical Motor
7.5 Kinematical Calculations for the Belt Drive
7.6 Bearings Calculations
7.7 Calculating the Feed Gear Drive
7.8 Design Conceptualisation of THE Work Table Moving Mechanism 
7.9 Support Base of the Bench-Drilling Machine (Figure 16)
7.10 Ergonomic & Aesthetic Appearance Machine Conceptualisation
7.11 Operation of the Machine
7.12 Conclusions

Author Details
"Miltiadis A. Boboulos, Ph.D."

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