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Metal Machining: Theory & Applications (Free PDF)

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Metal machining is the most widespread metal-shaping process in the mechanical manufacturing industry. World-wide investment in metal machining tools increases year on year - and the wealth of nations can be judged by it. This text - the most up-to-date in the field - provides in-depth discussion of the theory and application of metal machining at an advanced level. It begins with an overview of the development of metal machining and its role in the current industrial environment and continues with a discussion of the theory and practice of machining. The underlying mechanics are analysed in detail and there are extensive chapters examining applications through a discussion of simulation and process control. "Metal Machining: Theory and Applications" is essential reading for senior undergraduates and postgraduates specialising in cutting technology. It is also an invaluable reference tool for professional engineers. Professors Childs, Maekawa, Obikawa and Yamane are four of the leading authorities on metal machining and have worked together for many years. Of interest to all mechanical, manufacturing and materials engineers Theoretical and practical problems addressed.

1. Introduction
2. Chip formation fundamentals
3. Work and tool materials
4. Tool damage
5. Experimental methods
6. Advances in mechanics
7. Finite element methods
8. Applications of finite element analysis
9. Process selection, improvement and control
1. Metals’ plasticity, and its finite element formulation
2. Conduction and convection of heat in solids
3. Contact mechanics and friction
4. Work material: typical mechanical and thermal behaviours
5. Approximate tool yield and fracture analysis
6. Tool material properties
7. Fuzzy logic

Author Details
"Thomas Childs" 
University of Leeds, UK 

"Katsuhiro Maekawa"
Ibaraki University, Japan

"Toshiyuki Obikawa"
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

"Yasuo Yamane"
Hiroshima University, Japan

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