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Non-Destructive Testing: Sample Questions for Conduct of Examinations at Levels 1 and 2

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The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) supports industrial applications of radiation technology which include non-destructive testing (NDT) under its various programmes such as individual country Technical Co-operation (TC) projects, Regional Projects and Coordinated Research Projects (CRPs). NDT technology is essentially needed for the improvement of the quality of industrial products, equipment and plants all over the world, especially in developing Member States.
Trained and certified personnel is one of the essential requirements for applying this technology in industry. With this in view, the IAEA first played an important role in cooperation with the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) for the development of a standard for training and certification of NDT personnel, namely ISO 9712, ‘Non-Destructive Testing: Qualification and Certification of Personnel’. Subsequently the syllabi and needed training materials were identified and developed for the creation of, in each of the Member States, a core group of personnel who are trained and qualified to establish the training and certification process in their respective countries. One of the important requirements for such a process is to have the examination questions for conducting the certification examinations.
A need had been felt to compile the appropriate questions firstly for conducting these examinations at the national and regional levels and secondly to provide these to the certification bodies of the Member States so that they could initiate their own level 1 & 2 certification examinations. For this purpose, Experts’ Task Force Meetings were convened first in Accra, Ghana and then in Vienna, Austria under the AFRA regional projects on NDT.
The experts examined and discussed in detail the ISO 9712 (1999 & 2005 versions) requirements for general, specific and practical examinations for level 1 & 2 personnel. After that a set of questions has been established which are presented in this book. In view of the special situation prevailing in Africa, questions in both English and French have been compiled. No doubt many developing Member States in other regions will find this compilation equally useful. The experts recommended that these questions be taken as a guide and expanded by the national certifying bodies of the Member States.
The IAEA wishes to express its appreciation to all those who have contributed to this publication. The IAEA officers responsible for this publication were Joon Ha Jin and A.A. Khan of the Division of Chemical and Physical Sciences.

1.1 Liquid Penetrant Testing Level 1 (PT-1)
1.2 Liquid Penetrant Testing Level 2 (PT-2)
2 MAGNETIC PARTICLES TESTING (MT) 2.1 Magnetic Particles Testing Level 1 (MT-1)
2.2 Magnetic Particles Testing Level 2 (MT-2)
3 RADIOGRAPHIC TESTING (RT) 3.1 Radiographic Testing Level 1 (RT-1)
3.2 Radiographic Testing Level 2 (RT-2)
4 ULTRASONIC TESTING (UT) 4.1 Ultrasonic Testing Level 1 (UT-1)
4.2 Ultrasonic Testing Level 2 (UT-2)

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