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Optimizing Residential HVAC Efficiency Programs (Free PDF)

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This study was intended to: 1) describe the state of the residential HVAC energy efficiency programs, 2) explain HVAC market trends and dynamics related to efficiency, and 3) quantify the opportunity to address the challenges efficiency programs face by working in partnership with HVAC distributors.
The findings of this study establish that leading distributors are already playing valuable roles that can improve the outcomes of residential HVAC energy efficiency programs. This report describes those roles in detail and provides examples for other distributors and efficiency programs to follow. The research also identified a series of specific recommendations for efficiency programs and distributors.

Executive Summary
Key Findings 
Research Objectives 
Research Methods 
Task 1: Energy Efficiency Program Research 
1. Secondary Research 
2. Interviews 
Task 2: Distributor Research 
1. Secondary Research 
2. Web-based Survey 
3. HARDI Conference Survey 
4. Interviews 
Task 3: Technical Research 
1. Secondary Research 
2. Research Findings 
Task 1: Energy Efficiency Program Research 
1. Introduction 
2. Background on Energy Efficiency Programs 
3. Findings from Interviews with Efficiency Program Managers 
Task 2: Distributor Research 
1. Introduction 
2. Background on Distributors (From Web-based Survey)
3. Findings from HARDI Conference Survey 
4. Findings from Interviews with HVAC Distributors 
Task 3: Technical Research 
1. Introduction 
2. Potential Efficiency Improvements – Equipment  
3. Potential Efficiency Improvements – System 
4. Likely Efficiency Program Action on these Opportunities 
5. Pending Codes and Standards that Could Impact Residential HVAC Programs 
6. Potential Changes to ENERGY STAR Specifications 
7. Technologies Likely to Meet Cost-Effectiveness Criteria 
8. Future Value of Energy Saved through Efficiency Programs  
Recommendations for Efficiency Programs  
Recommendations for HVAC Distributors  
Selected References 
Appendix A: Distributor and Energy Efficiency Program Interview Questions 
Appendix B: Report on Web-Based Survey of Distributors 
Appendix C: Questions Included in HARDI Conference Survey 
Appendix D: Overview of Residential HVAC Efficiency Programs

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