Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Outboard Engines: Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Repair, (second Edition)

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The first edition of Outboard Engines set the standard for a clear, easy-to-follow primer on engine basics, troubleshooting, care, and repair. This new edition, significantly expanded, brings the subject up to date, with full coverage of the new four-stroke engines, conventional electronic and direct fuel-injection systems, oil-mix systems in the new clean two-strokes, and more. You'll save time and money doing your own engine repairs and maintenance. 

1. The Basics: What Makes Your Engine Tick
2. Breaking In a New Engine
3. Routine Maintenance
4. How to Find the Trouble
5. Isolating Ignition System Problems
6. The Charging and Starting Systems
7. The Fuel and Lubrication Systems
8. Servicing the Steering and Trim Systems
9. The Cooling System, Lower Unit, and Propeller
10. Dealing with Corrosion
11. Brand-Specific Information

Author Details
"Ed Sherman" is among the most highly respected marine technicians in the U.S. As senior writer for the American Boat & Yacht Council, he wrote and teaches certification training courses to professional technicians.

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