Saturday, December 22, 2018

SoMachine HVAC Software Programming Guide (Free PDF)

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This document is aimed at designers and developers and requires a knowledge of one or more IEC61131-3 standard programming languages and is designed to provide a first-level overview of the installation, functions and use of SoMachine HVAC.

1. Basic concepts
1.1 Entry point and container
1.2 Composite applications and Field I/O
1.3 Distributed applications and Binding I/O
2. Using the environment 
2.1 The workspace
2.2 Layout customization
2.3 Toolbars and docking windows
3. Managing projects
3.1 Creating a new project and main page
3.2 Saving the project
3.3 Managing existing projects
3.4 Building projects
3.5 Distributing projects
4. Managing project elements
4.1 M171 Perf. Display
4.2 M171 Perf. Blind
4.3 Generic Modbus
4.4 Modbus Custom
4.5 CAN custom
4.6 Display for M171 Perf.
4.7 M171 Perf. Flush Mounting
4.8 Modicon M171 Perf. Expansion 27 I/Os
4.9 Virtual channels assignment criteria
5. Technical reference
5.1 CANopen protocol
5.2 Modbus protocol

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