Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Strength of Materials, (2nd Edition) by "James E. Boyd"

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IN the preparation of the second edition, no radical changes have been made. The most important addition is the methods of area Moments for Deriving the equations of the elastic line of beam. This is given along with the usual method of double integration, and the text has been so arranged that either one may be studied and the other omitted. A Chapter on Curved Beams and Hooks had been added, and a part of a chapter on Theories of Failure.

Chapter 1. Stresses
Chapter 2. Stress Beyond The Elastic Limit
Chapter 3. Shear
Chapter 4. Riveted Joints
Chapter 5. Torsion
Chapter 6. Beams
Chapter 7. Stresses In Beams
Chapter 8. Deflection In Beams
Chapter 9. Beams With Moe Then Two Supports
Chapter 10. Shear In Beams
Chapter 11. Special Beams
Chapter 12. Bending Combined With Tension or Compression
Chapter 13. Columns
Chapter 14. Column Formulas Used By Engineers
Chapter 15. Resilience In Bending And Shear
Chapter 16. Combined Stress
Chapter 17. Theories Of Elastic Limit and Failure
Chapter 18. Curved Beams and Hooks
Chapter 19. Center Of Gravity
Chapter 20. Moment Of Inertia

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Professor Of Mechanics. The Orio State University

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