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The Complete Guide To PLUMBING (Expanded 4th Edition)

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Fresher and more complete than ever, this edition includes new material and revised information and is completely current with the 2006 Universal Plumbing Code. From basic repairs to advanced renovations, this is the only plumbing reference book a homeowner needs. And now, for the first time, Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Plumbing includes a comprehensive section on working with gas pipe. No other big book of plumbing for DIYers covers this important subject.

Also new to this 4th edition is expansive coverage of PEX (cross-linked polyethylene), the bendable supply tubing that's taking over a major portion of the DIY market. And with the current popularity of outdoor kitchens, we've expanded our coverage of outdoor plumbing as well. Now, we'll show you every step of the process to supply and drain an outdoor sink.

1.The Home Plumbing System
Plumbing Fixtures
1. Toilets
2. Kitchen Faucets
3. Kitchen Drains & Traps
4. Dishwashers
5. Food Disposers
6. Water Heaters
7. Bathroom Faucets
8. Shower Kits 
9. Custom Shower Bases
10. Alcove Bathtubs
11. 3-Piece Tub Surrounds
12. Sliding Tub Doors
13. Bidets
14. Urinals
15. Water Softeners
16. Hot Water Dispensers
17. Icemakers
19. Pot Fillers
20. Reverse-Osmosis Water Filters
21. Freezeproof Sillcocks
22. Pedestal Sinks
23. Wall-Hung Vanities
24. Vessel Sinks
25. Integral Vanity Tops
26. Kitchen Sinks
27. Undermount Sinks
28.Standpipe Drains .
Plumbing Installations
1. Installation Basics
2. Plumbing Routes
3. Master Bath
4. Basement Bath
5. Half Bath
6. Kitchen
7. New Gas Lines
Plumbing Repairs.
1. Common Toilet Problems
2. Toilet Flanges
3. Toilet Drain Lines
4. Sinks
5. Sprayers & Aerators
6. Leaky Plumbing
7. Tubs & Showers
8. Sink Drains
9. Branch & Main Drains
10. Branch Drains & Vents
11. Main Stacks
12. Supply Lines
13. Burst Pipes
14. Noisy Pipes
Plumbing Tools, Materials & Skills
1. Plumbing Tools
2. Plumbing Materials
3. Copper
4. Working with Rigid Plastic Pipe
5. Working with Outdoor Flexible
6. Plastic Pipe
7. Working with Cross-Linked
8. Plyethylene (PEX)
9. Working with Galvanized Iron
10. Working with Cast Iron
11. Pipe Fittings
12. Installing Shutoff Valves
13. Repairing Valves & Hose Bibs
14. Using Compression Fittings
15.Gas Pipe & Fittings
Appendix: Planning Your Project
Conversion Chart
Resources & Credits

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