Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Theory of Machines and Mechanisms (Mc Graw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering)

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This book is intended to cover that field of engineering theory, analysis, design, and practice which is generally described as mechanisms and kinematics and dynamics of machines. While the book is written primarily for students of engendering, After all, a good engineering knows that he or she must remain a student throughout his or her professional career.

Chapter 1: The Geometry of Motion
Chapter 2: Position and Displacement
Chapter 3: Velocity
Chapter 4: Acceleration
Chapter 5: Numerical Methods in Kinematic Analysis
Chapter 6: Cam Design
Chapter 7: Spur Gears
Chapter 8: Helical, Worm, and Bevel Gears
Chapter 9: Mechanism Trains
Chapter 10: Synthesis of Linkages
Chapter 11: Spatial Mechanisms
Chapter 12: Static Forces
Chapter 13: Dynamic Forces
Chapter 14: Dynamics of Reciprocating Engines
Chapter 15: Balancing
Chapter 16: Cam Dynamics
Chapter 17: Machine Dynamics

Author Details
"Joseph Edward Shigley"

"John Joseph Uicker"

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