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Thermodynamics Demystified: A Self-Teaching Gaide

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Now you can get much-needed relief from the pressure of learning the fundamentals of thermodynamics! This practical guide helps you truly comprehend this challenging engineering topic while sharpening your problem-solving skills.
Written in an easy-to-follow format, Thermodynamics Demystified begins by reviewing basic principles and discussing the properties of pure substances. The book goes on to cover laws of thermodynamics, power and refrigeration cycles, psychrometrics, combustion, and much more. Hundreds of worked examples and equations make it easy to understand the material, and end-of-chapter quizzes and two final exams help reinforce learning.

  • This hands-on, self-teaching text offers:
  • Numerous figures to illustrate key concepts
  • Details on the first and second laws of thermodynamics
  • Coverage of vapor and gas cycles, psychrometrics, and combustion
  • An overview of heat transfer SI units throughout
  • A time-saving approach to performing better on an exam or at work
Simple enough for a beginner, but challenging enough for an advanced student, Thermodynamics Demystified is your shortcut to mastering this essential engineering subject.


CHAPTER 1: Basic Principles

CHAPTER 2: Properties of Pure Substances
CHAPTER 3: Work and Heat
CHAPTER 4: The First Law of Thermodynamics
CHAPTER 5: The Second Law of Thermodynamics
CHAPTER 6: Power and Refrigeration Vapor Cycles
CHAPTER 7: Power and Refrigeration Gas Cycles
CHAPTER 8: Psychrometrics
CHAPTER 9: Combustion
APPENDIX A: Conversion of Units
APPENDIX B: Material Properties
APPENDIX C: Steam Tables
APPENDIX E: Ideal-Gas Tables
APPENDIX F: Psychrometric Chart
APPENDIX G: Compressibility Chart
Final Exams
Solutions to Quizzes and Final Exams

Author Details
"Merle C. Potter", Ph.D., has engineering degrees from Michigan Technological University and the University of Michigan. He has coauthored Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Fluids, Thermodynamics for Engineers, Thermal Sciences, Differential Equations, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, and Jump Start the HP-48G in addition to numerous exam review books.

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