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Willis's Elements of Quantity Surveying, (12th Edition)

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The measurement of building elements is a core subject for quantity surveying students. Responding to the recently published second volume of the New Rules of Measurement (NRM2) by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the 12th edition of Willis's Elements of Quantity Surveying explains, from first principles and to NRM2 standards, the measurement process for all the key building elements.
This edition begins with an overview of the need for measurement and the differing rules governing measurement at different stages of the design or project cycle. As in previous editions the focus remains the detailed measurement of building elements, but the text has been fully revised in line with the NRM2 rules. A range of new and revised examples illustrating the use of NRM2 rules are a key feature of the book, which concludes with guidance on how to use the data collected during the measurement process to create the tender documents. In the 12th edition the hallmarks of previous editions – clarity and practicality – have been maintained while ensuring the book is fully up to date, providing the student of quantity surveying with a first class introduction to the measurement of building elements.

1. Introduction
2. Detailed Measurement
3. The Use of the RICS New Rules of Measurement (NRM)
4. Setting Down Dimensions
5. Alternative Systems
6. Preliminary Calculations
7. General Principles for Taking-off
8. Substructures
9. Walls
10. Floors
11. Roofs
12. Internal Finishes
13. Windows and Doors
14. Reinforced Concrete Structures
15. Structural Steelwork
16. Plumbing
17. Drainage
18. External Works
19. Demolitions, Alterations and Renovations
20. Preliminaries and Other Priced Bill Sections
21. Bill Preparation
Appendix: Mathematical Formulae and Applied Mensuration

Author Details
"Sandra Lee" is Head of Product Development at the College of Estate Management in Reading.

"William Trench" is an Associate Tutor for the College of Estate Management, Reading. 

"Andrew Willis" is Regional Managing Director at Franklin and Andrews, London.

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