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Advanced Mechatronics Monitoring and Control of Spatially Distributed Systems

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Mechatronics is an engineering field that refers to mixed systems tight integration. Currently, this integration can be viewed as based on digital computer monitoring and control, but it cannot be denied that integration can be based on any other signal processing system and any form of raw power that can be modulated and transferred to the mixed system in accordance to the output of this digital signal processor.

Distributed parameters systems, in the form of solids, liquids, gases, are seen as fields in which the dynamics can be represented by traveling waves. These fields can be mechanical vibration fields of substance, acoustic, electromagnetic etc. The assumption of continuity is often limited, when moving down from macroscopic level, by the molecular, atomic discontinuous structure, which can be represented in duality with the fields at that level. Moving up from immediate macroscopic level towards infinite celestial level, again the continuum of the quasi-vacuum space is filled with solid planets etc. Consequently, while at terrestrial macroscopic level, continuous fields can be assumed of infinite dimensions, there are perceived limits as we move up and down from this level.

Distributed Parameters Systems are modeled mathematically by partial differential equations and/or multiple integrals that can be recast also in a system of partial differential equations. The solutions of these partial differential equations show that the dynamics of distributed parameters systems can be simulated as composed of infinite dimensional combinations of harmonic components (something that might remind of Pythagoras’ view of the planets motions) where higher frequency components might become less and less significant unless excited and brought to resonance.

1. Introduction
2. Examples of Direct and Inverse Problems for Mixed Systems
3. Overview of Integral Equations and Discrete Inverse Problems
4. Inverse Problems in Dynamic Calibration of Sensors
5. Active Vibration Control in Flexible Structures
6. Acousto-Mechatronics
7. Themo-Mechatronics
8. Magneto-Mechatronics
9. Inverse Problems Issues for Non-Minimum Phase Systems

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"Dan Necsulescu" 
University of Ottawa, Canada

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