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this publication has been prepared by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for the joint use of both agencies and the scientific and technical community concerned with the field of aeronautical engineering. The first issue of this bibliography was published in September 1970 and the first supplement in January 1971.

This supplement to Aeronautical Engineering - A Continuing Bibliography (NASA SP- 7037) lists 512 reports, journal articles, and other documents originally announced in April 1982 in Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports (STAR) or in International Aerospace Abstracts (IAA).

The coverage includes documents on the engineering and theoretical aspects of design, construction, evaluation, testing, operation, and performance of aircraft (including aircraft engines) and associated components, equipment, and systems. It also includes research and development in aerodynamics, aeronautics, and ground support equipment for aeronautical vehicles.

IAA ENTRIES (A82-10000)
STAR ENTRIES (N82-10000) 
Subject Index 
Personal Author Index 
Contract Number Index

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