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Aircraft Carriers: An Illustrated History of Their Impact (Weapons and Warfare)

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This vivid volume describes the fascinating history of aircraft carriers, first deployed successfully in World War I by the Imperial Russian Navy, and indispensable to the Allied victory in World War II, now the strategic centerpiece of the world's most powerful navies.

• Eighty photographs of all the important aircraft carriers from before World War I to the present, including many operated by lesser-known navies
• A reference section providing essential physical details, basic design information, modifications, and brief service histories for 80 aircraft carriers or classes from 1912 to the present

Introduction to Encyclopedias of Weapons and Warfare Series, Spencer C. Tucker
Chapter one: Origins and Early Development of the Aircraft Carrier
Chapter two: The Aircraft Carrier Matures
Chapter three: Capital Ships 
Chapter four: The Cold War and After
Chapter five: Joint Operations
Reference Section
About the Author

Author Details
"Paul Fontenoy" earned his degrees from King’s College, London, East Carolina University, and London University. After a career in commercial aircraft operations, he returned to academia and taught at New York University.

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