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Aircraft Electrical Systems (3rd Edition)


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It is now almost eleven years since this book first made its appearance, and the continuing demand warranting this, the third edition, has been most encouraging.

The original sequence of subject structuring has been retained since the reasons noted in I.he preface to the first edition still apply. It has however, been considered necessary to combine the contents of some chapters, and in others the coverage has been expanded to illustrate the application of principles to a greater number of systems currently in use.

The application of signal processing by means of digital circuit techniques to aircraft systems has been norm practice for a very long time. As far as what may be termed ''raw electrical systems'' are concerned, the impact of these techniques has, in comparison to such systems as navigation, flight management and automatic flight control, been somewhat Jess foreboding. However, in relation to those aspects of power generation, distributor and control, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the foregoing techniques, and in particular, the use of logic gates and interpretation of associated diagrams. This latter subject has, therefore, been included in a new chapter to this edition of the book.

Preface to the Third Edition
Preface to the First Edition
1. Direct Current Power Supplies
2. Alternating Current Power Supplies
3. Power Conversion Equipment
4. External and Auxiliary Power Supplies
S. Power Distribution
6. Circuit Controlling Devices
7. Circuit Protection Devices and Systems
8. Measuring Instruments and Warning Indication Systems
9. Power Utilization - Motors
10. Power Utilization - Systems
11. Electrical Dia.grams and Identification Schemes
Solutions to Exercises

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"EHJ Pallett" 
IEng., AMRAeS 

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