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Aircraft Mechanics Handbook

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Thousands of mechanics of various kinds are going to be needed to inspect, adjust and repair the large air fleet which is now being prepared in this country and as this is a new industry it has been deemed advisable to compile such facts regarding aircraft as may help to make these available in the shortest time. Except for a considerable amount of actual personal observation in both factory and flying field, no originality is claimed for this handbook ;instead, it represents what is believed to be the best practice known at this time and contains many suggestions which cannot fail to be of value to any aircraft mechanic.

It is in the hope of aiding work of this kind, in helping to make our aircraft more efficient, that the work has been undertaken.
1.The general construction
2. Theory of the planes
3. The propeller
4. wiring the plane
5. airplane standards of the S.A.E
6. Woods for Airplane Construction
7. The Airplane Engine
8. The Curtiss engine
9. Care and operation hall-Scott airplane engines
10. Suggestions as to the sturtevant airplane Engine
11. The Thomas-Morse Engine
12. Gnome Airplane Engine
13. The Hispano-Suiza Engine
14. The U.S. standard Aviation Engine or "Liberty" Engine
15. Characteristics of American Airplane Engines
16. Notes and Instructions to Government Inspectors of Airplanes and Airplane engine
17. Specification for U.S.A Military Training (Advanced) Airplane
18. Details of Training planes
19. Assembling Curtiss Machines
20. General Dimensions of Training Machines
21. How the "Eyes" of the Army Work
22. The Canadian Training Camp at Borden
23. Instruments for Airplanes
24. The Lewis Machine Gun
25. Tables and Diagrams
26. Terms used in Aeronautics

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