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Aircraft Radio Systems


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The cockpit and equipment racks of modern aircraft, large and small, are becoming filled with ever more sophisticated systems . This book attempts to describe a certain class of such systems, namely those which rely for their operation on electromagnetic radiation. The subject matter is complex and wide-ranging, hence not all aspects can be covered in one volume In deciding where the treatment should be light or perhaps non-existent, I have asked myself two questions: (1) which aspects can most usefully be covered in a book; and ( 2 ) at which group of people involved in aviation should a book covering such aspects be aimed?

The answer to (1) must be `describe the theory'. One can, and indeed must, read or be told about how
to operate the systems: how to navigate using the systems; how to solder, crimp and change items;
how to use test equipment, etc. but proficiency is impossible without practice. On the other hand
gaining an understanding of how a particular system works is more of a mental exercise which can be
guided in a book such as this. This is not to say that more practical matters are neglected, since it would not help one's understanding of the theory of operation not to see, at least in words and pictures, how a particular system is controlled, presents its information, reacts to the environment, etc.

1 Historical, technical and legal context
2. Communication systems
3. Automatic direction finding
4. V.h.f. omnidirectional range (VOR)
5. Instrument landing system
6. Hyperbolic navigation systems
7. Distance measuring equipment
8. ATC Transponder
9. Weather avoidance 
10. Doppler navigation
11. Radio altimeter
12. Area navigation
13. Current and future developments

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 "J. Powell"BA, C Eng, MIERE,

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