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Basic Concepts in Turbomachinery

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This book is based on an introductory turbomachinery course at Durham University. This course was taught by Dr David Gregory-Smith and Professor Li He over a number of years and I am extremely grateful to them for providing a clear and lucid set of principles on which to base this work.

My current colleagues at Durham Dr Rob Dominy and Dr David Sims-Williams have also provided invaluable help (even if they didn’t realise it!) in preparing this work.

The book is designed to help students over some important “Threshold Concepts” in educational jargon. A threshold concept is an idea that is hard to grasp but once the idea is understood transforms the student understanding and is very hard to go back across. Within turbomachinery my view is that understanding the cascade view, velocity triangles and reaction form three threshold concepts, perhaps minor ones compared to the much bigger ideas such as "reactive power" or "opportunity cost" that are also proposed but this view has significantly influenced the production of this book.

1. Introduction
2. Relative and Absolute Motion
3. Simple Analysis of Wind Turbines
4. Different Turbomachines and Their Operation
5. Application of The Equations of Fluid Motion
6. Efficiency and Reaction
7. Dimensionless Parameters for Turbomachinery
8. Axial Flow Machines
9. Hydraulic Turbines
10. Analysis of Pumps
Appendix A: Glossary of Turbomachinery Terms
Appendix B: Picture Credits

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