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Basic Fluid Mechanics

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The Subject of Fluid Mechanics is a vast and Complex one that deals with the behavior of all types of fluid either at rest or in motion. Since a great deal of Fluid behavior is impossible or extremely complex to Analyze mathematically, it is often necessary to resort to experimental date to obtain working results. This tends to make the study of fluid mechanics rather overwhelming for the student meeting it for the first time: and therefore it is essential to use a simple and straightforward approach in an elementary fluid mechanics course. 

Chapter 1: The Properties of a Fluid
Chapter 2: Fluid Statics
Chapter 3: The Flow Of Incompressible Fluids
Chapter  4: The Flow Of Compressible Fluids
Chapter 5: Fluid Impulse and Jet Propulsion
Chapter 6: Dimensional Analysis and Model Similarity
Chapter 7: Viscous Resistance to Fluid Flow
Chapter 8: Open Chanel Flow
Chapter 9:  Aircraft in Steady Flight
Chapter 10: Longitudinal Control and Stability
Appendix 1. The standard Atmosphere
Appendix 2. Properties of Some Common Liquids
Appendix 3. Properties of Some Common Gases
Appendix 4. A List of Important Equations
Appendix 5. Selected References
Appendix 6. Answers to Odd Numbered Problems

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 "J.Lister Robinson" Lecturer in Mechanical  Engineering at The Eastern Ontario Institute of Technology.

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