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Basics of Boiler and HRSG Design

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The genesis of this project can be traced to several colleagues who asked me if there was a book on the market describing the basic aspects of fossil-fired steam generator design. I could think of two excellent but very detailed books, Babcock and Wilcox's Steam and Combustion Engineering's (now Alstom Power) Combustion, but it appeared that a need existed for a condensed version of this material. This book is also "generated" in part by changes in the utility industry, and indeed in other industries-the "do more with less" philosophy. Plants are now being operated by people who have to wear many hats, and may not have extensive training in areas for which they are responsible. The book therefore serves as an introduction to fundamental boiler design for the operator, manager, or engineer to use as a tool to better understand his/her plant. It also serves as a stepping-stone for those interested in investigating the topic even further.

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Chapter 1: Fossil-Fired Boilers-Conventional Designs
Chapter 2: The "Newer" Technologies-Fluidized-Bed Combustion, Combined-Cycle Power Generation, Alternative Fuel Power Production, and Coal Gasification
Chapter 3: Fossil Fuel and Ash Properties-Their Effects on Steam Generator Materials
Chapter 4: Steam System Materials
Chapter 5: Air Pollution Control

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"Brad Buecker" 

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