Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Building the KRMx01 CNC


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The instructions for building the KRMx01 are in the form of a book. This book consists of 208 pages grouped into 17 chapters. The book will take you step by step through the process of building the KRMx01 CNC.

The estimated cost to build the KRMx01 CNC is less than $2500. This includes the controller software, router, and router mount. This does not include the cost of the PC, shipping charges, or taxes.
As for time, it can take as little as a month or can be spread out over several months. The book is set up so that the chapters present the build in stages. And since the costs are tied to each chapter you can budget your time and funds.

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Stand Assembly
Chapter 3: Y-beam Assembly
Chapter 4: Table and Rails
Chapter 5: Y-carriage Construction

Chapter 6: X-beam
Chapter 7: X-carriage
Chapter 8: Z-carriage

Chapter 9: Motor Mounts
Chapter 10: Installing the ACME Screws
Chapter 11: KRMx01 Electronics
Chapter 12: Mach 3
Chapter 13: Installing Stepper Motors
Chapter 14: Cable Hookup
Chapter 15: Adjusting the Drive Train
Chapter 16: Router Hookup
Chapter 17: Conclusion

Author Details
"Michael Simpson"

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