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Calculation of room temperatures, load, energy for buildings with room conditioning systems

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The standard has an unusual large portion of informative annexes in terms of number and size. This is due to the fact that the area covered by this standard is highly dependent on the system solutions, which exist in a large number of variations, and therefore many issues can only be shown in an exemplary way and experts in the different countries would not agree in putting this generally in
normative way. Also, due to the different approaches taken in the different countries for the implementation of the EPBD, different solutions must be possible in parallel and the normative part
can only be general. Nevertheless, the standard intends to give room for documentation of specific solutions, in order to provide information in enough depth, to make common parts and difference
transparent for possible closer harmonisation in future.

1. Scope
2. Normative references
3. Terms and definitions
4. Symbols and abbreviations
5. General approach
6. Room temperature calculation without room conditioning system
7. Room cooling load calculation
8. Room heating load calculation
9. Room based equipment sizing
10. Zone load calculation
11. System heating and cooling load calculation
12. Central system equipment sizing 
13. Room and building energy calculation
14. System Energy Calculation
Annex A. (informative) Best procedure for design process
Annex B. (informative) Proposed procedure for choice or typical rooms for temperature
Annex C. (informative) System overview 
Annex D. (informative) Schematic relationship between HVAC system energy procedure,
building energy demand calculations, data and outputs
Annex E. (informative) Example simplified system losses and energy demand calculation
Annex F. (informative) EDR Verification of building and installation calculation methods
Annex G. (informative) Example values for emission losses
Annex H. (informative) Calculation of latent energy demand
Annex I. (Informative) Example Calculation of Seasonal Efficiency of Cold Generators and
Chillers in Air Conditioning Systems
Annex J. (Informative) Auxiliary energy for cooling-water and cold-water distribution
Annex L. (Informative) Auxiliary energy use by terminals
Annex M. (informative) Auxiliary energy demand, heat rejection
Annex N. : Bibliography

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