Wednesday, January 2, 2019

CNC 501 Programming and Operation of Lathes

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Course Objectives - Upon completion, the individual will be proficient in all basic skills necessary to allow the functional/productive operation of the machine tool and associated safety practices.

The course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills required to “translate” the part drawing into a finished product. The individual will be capable of defining the list of required processes, their logical/optimum sequence, create the complete CNC part program, install the appropriate tools correctly, establish the program zero point, and perform corresponding tool offsets.

Course emphasis is a blend of classroom instruction, time spent on the machine tool, and individually displayed skills.

Mastery of the topics is measured by actual demonstration and examples.

I. General Safety and Standard Operating Procedures
II. OSP Control Functions
III. Manual Machine Control
IV. Coordinate System and Program Zero Point
V. Program Codes
VI. Program Format and Data Word/Address
VII. Angle Command
VIII. Circular Interpolation
IX. Machining Guidelines
X. Auto Chamfer and Automatic Radius
Xl. LAP Cycles
Xll. Miscellaneous Cycles
XIII. Threading Fixed Cycles
XIV. Subprograms, Schedule Programs, and Additional File Types
XV. Graphic Commands
XVI. Appendix

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