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CNC PILOT 620 CNC PILOT 640 User's Manual (Heidenhain)

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This manual describes functions that are available in the CNC PILOT with NC software number 688945-03, 688946-01 and 688947-01.

The programming of smart.Turn and DIN PLUS are not included in this manual. These functions are described in the User's Manual for smart.Turn and DIN PLUS Programming (ID 685556-xx). Please
contact HEIDENHAIN if you require a copy of this manual.

The machine manufacturer adapts the features offered by the control to the capabilities of the specific machine tool by setting machine parameters. Therefore, some of the functions described in this manual may not be among the features provided by the CNC PILOT on your machine tool.

Some of the CNC PILOT functions that are not available on every machine are:

* Positioning of spindle (M19) and driven tool
* Operations with the C or Y axis

Please contact your machine manufacturer for detailed information on the features that are supported by your machine tool.

Many machine manufacturers and HEIDENHAIN offer programming courses. We recommend these courses as an effective way of improving your programming skill and sharing information and ideas with other CNC PILOT users.

HEIDENHAIN also offers the DataPilot MP620 or DataPilot CP 620 software for personal computers, which is designed to simulate the functions of the MANUALplus 620 and CNC PILOT 620/640. The DataPilot is suitable for both shop-floor programming as well as offlocation program creation and testing. It is also ideal for training purposes. The DataPilot can be run on PCs with WINDOWS operating systems.

1. Introduction and fundamentals
2. Basics of operation
3. Machine mode of operation
4. Teach-in mode
5. ICP programming
6. Graphic simulation
7. Tool and technology database
8. Organization mode of operation
9. Tables and overviews
10. Overview of cycles

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