Saturday, January 5, 2019

CNC PILOT 640 The Contouring Control for Lathes and Turning-Milling Machines

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Controls, motors and encoders from HEIDENHAIN are in most cases integrated as components in larger systems. In these cases, comprehensive tests of the complete system are required, irrespective of the specifications of the individual devices.

Expendable parts- In particular the following parts in controls from HEIDENHAIN are subject to wear:
• Buffer battery
• Fan
Standards: Standards (ISO, EN, etc.) apply only where explicitly stated in the catalog.

1. Contouring control with drive system from HEIDENHAIN
2. Overview tables
3. HSCI control components
4. Accessories
5. Cable overview
6. Technical description
7. Data transfer and communication
8. Mounting information
9. Overall dimensions
10. General information
11. Subject index

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