Saturday, January 5, 2019

CNC Programming Guide TURNING

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The purpose of this guide is to help faculty teach CNC programming without tears. Most books currently available on CNC programming are not only inadequate, but also specific to certain CNC control systems and aimed at the professionals in industry. Such manuals only have very basic explanations on various codes, without adequate pictures and program examples. Therefore, they do not help in teaching the fundamentals of CNC programming.

My company Cadem strongly believes in doing its best to bridge the gap between education and industry, and consistently works on a lot of initiatives to achieve this. This handbook and the
attendant material is one such initiative, to provide a clear set of training material to teach CNC programming effectively. This handbook comes free of cost to you. You can print and use it, or freely distribute soft copies.

It is part of a package of free CNC Learning Kit CD-ROM that includes the following for both CNC milling and turning:

- Programming guide CNC turning and milling.
- Set of sample CNC programs.
- Set of tool path simulations, corresponding to the sample programs.
- Demo versions of NCyclo multimedia software to teach CNC technology.
- Teacher and Student handbooks for lab. Exercises.

1. Program format 
2. Coordinate system
3. Basic motion commands
4. F, S, T commands
5.  Program structure
6. Tool radius compensation (TNRC)
7. Subprograms
8. Canned Cycles – single cut
9. Canned Cycles – multiple cut
10. Typical G and M codes
11. Full sample program
12. Drawing to machined part - steps

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