Sunday, January 6, 2019

CNC Robotics Build Your Own Workshop Bot

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CNC Robotics gives you step-by-step, illustrated directions for designing, constructing, and testing a fully functional CNC robot that saves you 80 percent of the price of an off-the-shelf bot―and that can be customized to suit your purposes exactly, because you designed it. Written by an accomplished workshop bot designer/builder, this book gives you:

* Start-to-finish illustrated instructions
* Guidance on installing easy-to-understand Windows software for controlling your bot
* Plenty of time-saving tips, tricks, and pictorial help along the way
* Scaling and customizing instructions for building just the robot that you want
* Sources for easily obtained parts
* A complete course in workshop bot design and construction, perfect for courses or industry

1. Design
2. Electronics
3. Making the Printed Circuit Board
4. Driver Assembly
5. Softwa re Setup and Driver Testing
6. The Frame
7. The Gantry and X-axis
8. The Z and Y Axes
9. Motor and Lead Screw Insta llat ion
10. File Creation and KCam
11. Tool Holders and Testing
12. Examples
Sources of Material

Author Details
"Geoff Williams" 

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