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Cnc25D Documentation (Free PDF)

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Cnc25D is the contraction of “CNC” and “2.5D”.
2.5D and cuboid assembly are good solutions for automated personal fabrication. The Python package cnc25d proposesban API and design examples related to those technologies.

• CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and 3D-printers let move from design files to the physical objects.
• 2.5D parts are objects that can be described as a pile of free 2D path linearly extruded along the third dimension.
• Cuboid assembly is any assembly emphasizing an orthogonal reference frame.

1. Cnc25D Presentation
2. Cnc25D Release Notes
3. Cnc25D API Overview
4. Cnc25D API Outline Creation
5. CNC Cut Outline Details
6. Smooth Outline Curve Details
7. Cnc25D API Outline Utilization
8. Cnc25D API Working with FreeCAD
9. Plank Positioning Details
10. Cnc25D Internals
11. Creating a Cnc25D Design
12. Cnc25D Designs
13. Cnc25D Design Details
14. BoxWood Frame Design
15. BoxWood Frame Conception Details
16. Gear Profile Function
17. Gear Guidelines
18. Gear Profile Theory
19. Gear Profile Details
20. Gear Profile Implementation
21. Gearwheel Design
22. Gearring Design
23. Gearbar Design
24. Split-gearwheel Design
25. Epicyclic Gearing Design
26. Epicyclic Gearing Details
27. Axle Lid Design
 28. Axle_lid Details 233
29. Motor Lid Design
30. Bell Design
31. Bell Details 259
32. Bagel Design
33. Bell Bagel Assembly
34. Crest Design
35. Cross_Cube Design
36. Gimbal Design
37. Gimbal Details
38. Planet_Carrier Design
39. Low_torque_transmission Design
40. Low_torque_transmission Details
41. High_torque_transmission Design
42. Indices and tables

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