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Control Systems Engineering (4th Edition)

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With the increase in usage of digital technology, the requirement for electronics control systems engineers has increased in order to resolve various issues related to digital control systems. Under the program, students get to study about the impact of electrons that are required to make equipment, device, and systems. The course covers electromagnetic field theory, digital logic design, and application. Engineering graduates would acquire knowledge about microelectronic fabrication, power electronics, microelectromechanical systems and control systems engineering, radar systems, remote sensing and microwave electronics. The areas on which budding engineers would gain knowledge include power electronics and devices, artificial intelligence and nanoelectronics technology. 

Preface to The Forth Edition
Preface to The Third Edition
1. Introduction
2. Mahtematical Models of Phusical Systems
3. Feedback Characteristics of Control Systems
4. Control System and Comonents
5. Time Response Analysis, Design Specifications and Performance Indices
6. Concepts of Stability add Algebraic Criteria
7. The Root Locus Technique
8. Frequency Response Analysis
9. Stability in Frequency Domain
10. Introduction to Design
11. Digital Control Systems
12. State Variable Analysis and Design
13. Liapunov's Stability Analysis
14. Optimal Control Systems
15. Advances in Control Systems

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"L.j. Nagrath"


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