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Electrical Engineering: Objective Type

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Electrical engineering, one of the core courses of engineering discipline deals with the study of design, development, and maintenance of electrical systems and their components, ensuring quality, safety, reliability, and sustainability. The course focuses on the manufacturing of electrical equipment used in a number of sectors including construction and building and the production and distribution of power. Students pursuing electrical engineering study about semiconductors and microprocessors.

1. Resistance
2. DC Circuits
3. Batteries
4. DC Generators
5. DC Motors
6. AC Fundamentals
7. Inductance
8. Capacitance
9. AC Circuits
10. Alternators
11. Synchronous Motors
12. Induction Motors
13. Single-Phase Motors
14. Transformers
15. Control Systems
16. Power Plant Engineering
17. Economics of Power Generation
18. Transmission and Distribution
19. Switchgear and Protection
20. Utilisation
21. Instruments and Measurements
22. Electrical Engineering Materials
23. Semiconductors24. Amplifiers
25. Communication Engineering
26. Antenna, Wave Propagation and Microwaves
27. Digital Electronics
28. Computers

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