Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Electrical Measurements


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The importance of measurements is well known in the field of Engineering. For any engineer it is necessary to know the fundamentals of measurements and various modern measuring instruments. In this context it gives us great pleasure to release to release this book which covers the entire revised syllabus of the subject Electrical measurements.

The Chapter in the book are arranged in a proper sequence that permits each topic to build upon earlier studies.

The book uses a plain, lucid and very carefully a background of each topic with essential illustrations and practical examples, each chapter is supported with sufficient number of solved problems. The exact and clear representation of complex diagrams of various instruments and the phasor diagrams, is the feature of this book.
Chapter 1: Measuring instruments
Chapter 2: Instrument Transformers
Chapter 3: Measurment of Power
Chapter 4: Measurment of Energy
Chapter 5: Potentiometers
Chapter 6: Resistance Measurements
Chapter 7: A.C. Bridges
Chapter 8: Magnetic Measurements

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"U.A. Bakshi"
"A.V. Bakshi"
"K.A. Bakshi "

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