Saturday, January 19, 2019

Elements of Electrical Power Station Design

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It discusses load forecasting, economic load dispatch, unit commitment problem, methods of scheduling stations, allocation control, system reliability and system security. Trends in power plant instrumentation and control are also presented. The important problems of pollution control and performance standards of thermal power stations are discussed. The application of computers in power systems is touched. The book also explains the need of using unconventional sources of energy and plants, like biogas plants, biomass plants, solar electric system and wind electric system to save fossil fuels. Rural energy demands and methods of forecasting energy demands are elaborated.
1. Prediction of Load
2. Choice of power station and Number of Generating Units
3. Diesel-electric Station: Preliminary Design
4. Steam Station: Preliminary Design
5. Gas Turbine Stations and Combines Cycles
6. Elements of Nuclear power Stations
7. Hydro-electric Stations: Preliminary Design
8. hydro-electric Stations: Preliminary Design
9. Combination of Hydro-Electric and Steam Stations
10. major Electrical Plan in Power Stations
11. Power Station Control and Interconnection
12. Protective Relaying for Power Stations
13. Economic Loading of Power Stations
14. Modern Trends in Power Station Design and Operation
15. Modern Trends in Power Plant Instrumentation and Control
16.  Unconventional Sources of Energy and Plants
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"M.V. Deshpande"

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