Thursday, January 17, 2019

Engineering Fluid Mechanics (10th Edition)

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Engineering Fluid Mechanics guides students from fundamental fluid mechanics concepts to real-world engineering applications, helping students develop a strong conceptual understanding of fluid flow phenomena through clear physical descriptions, relevant and engaging photographs, illustrations, and a variety of fully worked example problems. This course offers ample opportunities for students to apply fluid mechanics principles as they build knowledge in a logical way and enjoy the journey of discovery.

CHAPTER 1: Building a Solid Foundation
CHAPTER 2: Fluid Properties
CHAPTER 3: Fluid Statics
CHAPTER 4: The Bernoulli Equation and Pressure Variation
CHAPTER 5: Control Volume Approach and Continuity Equation
CHAPTER 6: Momentum Equation
CHAPTER 7: The Energy Equation
CHAPTER 8: Dimensional Analysis and Similitude
CHAPTER 9: Predicting Shear Force
CHAPTER 10: Flow in Conduits
CHAPTER 11: Drag and Lift
CHAPTER 12: Compressible Flow
CHAPTER 13: Flow Measurements
CHAPTER 14: Turbomachinery
CHAPTER 15: Flow in Open Channels
CHAPTER 16: Modeling of Fluid Dynamics Problems

Author Details
"Donald F. Elger" University of Idaho, Moscow

"Barbara C. Williams"
University of Idaho, Moscow

"Clayton T. Crowe" Washington State University, Pullman

"john A. Roberson"
Washington State University, Pullman 

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