Friday, January 18, 2019

Equipment for Engineering Education: Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology

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I have gone a long way with my development team to design the product range presented in this catalogue in a suitable manner for efficient training in refrigeration and air conditioning technology.

Two aspects were always of importance for us:

*How does the technology actually look like in practice?
*Which subjects matter and which experiments combine into a powerful curriculum?

This program serves both academic interest and the important field of vocational training.

1. Refrigeration Technology
2. Air Conditioning Technology
3. Electrical Engineering in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology
4. Symbols and Terms of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology
5. Allocation of GUNT Units by Subject Areas for Training as a
6. Mechatronics Engineer for Refrigeration

Author Details
"Dr.-Ing. D. Abraham" 
Head of Development
at GUNT 

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