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Fluid Mechanics (7th Edition)

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The seventh edition of Fluid Mechanics sees some additions and deletions but no philosophical change. The basic outline of eleven chapters, plus appendices, remains the same. The triad of integral, differential, and experimental approaches is retained. Many problem exercises, and some fully worked examples, have been changed. The informal, student-oriented style is retained. A number of new photographs and figures have been added. Many new references have been added, for a total of 435. The writer is a firm believer in “further reading,” especially in the postgraduate years.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Pressure Distribution in a Fluid
Chapter 3: Integral Relations for a Control Volume 
Chapter 4: Differential Relations for Fluid Flow
Chapter 5: Dimensional Analysis and Similarity 
Chapter 6: Viscous Flow in Ducts
Chapter 7: Flow Past Immersed Bodies
Chapter 8: Potential Flow and Computational Fluid Dynamics
Chapter 9: Compressible Flow
Chapter 10: Open-Channel Flow
Chapter 11: Turbomachinery 
Appendix A. Physical Properties of Fluids
Appendix B.
Compressible Flow Tables
Appendix C.
Conversion Factors
Appendix D.
Equations of Motion in Cylindrical Coordinates

Answers to Selected Problems

Author Details
"Frank M. White" is Professor Emeritus of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering at the University of Rhode Island. He studied at Georgia Tech and M.I.T. In 1966 he helped found, at URI, the first department of ocean engineering in the country.

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