Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Fluid mechanics for engineers

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This was planned primarily to provide in one volume adequate coverage for undergraduates studying for a degree or diploma in Mechanical or Civil Engineering. It is hoped that parts will be useful for Higher National Certificate Courses.

Emphasis is laid upon the broad representation of the fundamentals, leaving certain topics not included in the text for the choice of individual teachers. A large number of examples with complete solutions are given and these have been carefully selected to illustrate the preceding theory. In some cases more than one example illustrates the theory and wherever possible simple examples precede the more complex ones.

 Part 1: 
1. Fluid Statics
2. Perfect Fluids in Motion
3. Viscous Fluids in Motion
4. Flow In closed  Conduits
5. Flow in open Channels
6. Fluid Metering
7. Dimensional Analysis  Of Fluid Flow Phenomena
8. Boundary layer Theory
9. Elements of Wing Theory
Part 2:
10. Fundamentals of The Flow Of Compressible Fluids
Part 3:
11. Centrifugal Pumps and Fans
12. Axial Flow Pumps and Fans
13. Hydraulic Turbines

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 "P.S. Barna, M.E., A.F.R. Ae.S."

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