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Fluid Mechanics & Machinery (2nd Edition)

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This book Basic Fluid Mechanics is revised and enlarged by the addition of four chapters on Hydraulic Machinery and is now titled as Fluid Mechanics and Machinery. The authors hope this book will have a wider scope.

This book will be suitable for the courses on Fluid Mechanics and Machinery of the various branches of study of Anna University and also other Indian universities and the Institution of Engineers (India).

Professor Obert has observed in his famous treatise on Thermodynamics that concepts are better understood by their repeated applications to real life situations. A firm conviction of
this principle has prompted the author to arrange the text material in each chapter in the following order.

In the first section after enunciating the basic concepts and laws, physical and mathematical models are developed leading to the formulation of relevant equations for the determination of outputs. Simple and direct numerical examples are included to illustrate the
basic laws. More stress is on the model development as compared to numerical problems.

Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
1. Physical Properties of Fluids
2. Pressure Distribution in Fluids
3. Forces on Surfaces Immersed in Fluids
4. Buoyancy Forces and Stability of Floating Bodies
5. Fluid Flow—Basic Concepts—Hydrodynamics
6. Bernoulli Equation and Applications
7. Flow in Closed Conduits (Pipes)
8. Dimensional Analysis
9. Similitude and Model Testing
10. Boundary Layer Theory and Flow Over Surfaces
11. Flow Measurements
12. Flow in Open Channels
13. Dynamics of Fluid Flow
14. Hydraulic Turbines
15. Rotodynamic Pumps
16. Reciprocating Pumps

Author Details
 "C.P. Kothandaraman"

"R. Rudramoorthy"

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