Thursday, January 31, 2019

Fundamentals of Machine Design: volume-2

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P Orlov's five volumes on the fundamentals of machine design, are extremely informative to budding designers. They are unfortunately almost unique and worst of all unavailable at present. Each volume has 1000 s of ink drawings of possible component details and assemblies. I inquired of a visiting Russian academic how could a person or even a whole department do all those drawing, The gentleman smiled, and whispered that political prisoners make very good draftsmen. Whoever may be the draftsmen, there is no other reference like Orlov's. For example on page 315 of volume 3 one is presented with 26 different ways to make a butt joint between pipes. Pages 19 to 21 has 19 ways that a shaft with a gear between two bearings, can be assembled into a gear case. When Orlov was available I used it, to test student's ingenuity with selections of those drawings.

Chapter 1. Tightened Conneutions
Chapter 2. Press-Fitted Connections
Chapter 3. Centring Connections
Chapter 4. Screwed Connections
Chapter 5. Flanged Connections
Chapter 6. General Principles which Should Be Followed when Designing Units and Parts 

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