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Gas Turbine Emissions (Free PDF)


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The development of clean, sustainable energy systems is one of the grand challenges of our time. Most projections indicate that combustion-based energy conversion systems will remain the predominant approach for the majority of our energy usage. Moreover, gas turbines will remain a very significant technology for many decades to come, whether for aircraft propulsion, power generation, or mechanical drive applications. This book compiles the key scientific and technological knowledge associated with gas turbine emissions into a single authoritative source. The book has three parts: the first part reviews major issues with gas turbine combustion, including design approaches and constraints, within the context of emissions. The second part addresses fundamental issues associated with pollutant formation, modeling, and prediction. The third part features case studies from manufacturers and technology developers, emphasizing the system-level and practical issues that must be addressed in developing different types of gas turbines that emit pollutants at acceptable levels.

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Foreword by Alan H. Epstein
Part 1: Overview and Key Issues
1. Aero Gas Turbine Combustion: Metrics, Constraints, and System Interactions

2. Ground-Based Gas Turbine Combustion: Metrics, Constraints, and System Interactions
3. Overview of Worldwide Aircraft Regulatory Framework
4. Overview of Worldwide Ground-Based Regulatory Framework
Part 2: Fundamentals and Modeling: Production and Control5. Particulate Formation
6. Gaseous Aerosol Precursors
7. NOx and CO Formation and Control
8. Emissions from Oxyfueled or High-Exhaust Gas Recirculation Turbines
Part 3: Case Studies and Specific Technologies : Pollutant Trends and Key Drivers9. Partially Premixed and Premixed Aero Engine Combustors
10. Industrial Combustors: Conventional, Non-premixed, and Dry Low Emissions (DLN)

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Edited by
"Timothy C. Lieuwen"
 Georgia Institute of Technology

"Vigor Yang"

Georgia Institute of Technology 

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