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Heavy-Duty Gas Turbine Operating and Maintenance Considerations

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Maintenance costs and availability are two of the most important concerns to a heavy-duty gas turbine equipment owner. Therefore, a well thought out maintenance program that optimizes the owner’s costs and maximizes equipment availability should be instituted. For this maintenance program to be effective, owners should develop a general understanding of the relationship between the operating plans and priorities for the plant, the skill level of operating and maintenance personnel, and all equipment manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the number and types of inspections, spare parts planning, and other major factors affecting component life and proper operation of the equipment.

In this paper, operating and maintenance practices for heavy-duty gas turbines will be reviewed, with
emphasis placed on types of inspections plus operating factors that influence maintenance schedules. A well-planned maintenance program will result in maximum equipment availability and optimization of maintenance costs.
1. Introduction
2. Maintenance Planning
3. Gas Turbine Design Maintenance Features
4. Major Factors Influencing Maintenance and Equipment Life
5. Maintenance Inspections
6. Parts Planning Manpower Planning
7. Conclusion
8. References
9. Acknowledgments
10. Appendix
11. Revision History
12. List of Figures
13. Inspection Intervals

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