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The book in this fourteenth edition is entirely in SI Units and it has been thoroughly revised in the light of the valuable suggestions received from the learned professors and the students of the various Universities. Accordingly several new articles have been added. The answers of all the illustrative examples and the problems have been checked and corrected. Moreover, several new problems from the latest question papers of the different Universities as well as competitive examinations have been incorporated. Thus, it may be emphatically stated that the book is complete in all respects and it covers the entire syllabus in the subject for degree students in the different branches of engineering for almost all the Universities. Therefore this Single Book fulfills the entire needs of the students intending to appear at the various University Examinations and also for those intending to appear at the various competitive examination such as engineering services and the ICS examinations and for those preparing for AMIE examinations.

Chapter 1: Properties of Fluids
Chapter 2: Fluid Pressure and its Measurement
Chapter 3: Hydrostatic Forces of Surfaces
Chapter 4: Buoyancy and Floatation
Chapter 5: liquids  in Relative Equilibrium
Chapter 6: Fundamentals of Fluid Flow
Chapter 7: Equations of Motion and Energy Equation
Chapter 8: Impulse Momentum Equation and its Applications
Chapter 9: Flow Through Orifices and Mouthpieces
Chapter 10: Flow Over Notches and Weirs
Chapter 11: Flow Through Pipes
Chapter 12: Boundary Layer Theory
Chapter 13: laminar Flow
Chapter 14: Turbulent Flow In Pipes
Chapter 15: Flow in Open Channels
Chapter 16: non- Uniform Flow in Channels
Chapter 17: Dimensional Analysis, Hydraulic Similitude and Model Investigation
Chapter 18: Fluid Flow Around Submerged Objects-Drag and Lift
Chapter 19: Flow of Compressible Fluids
Chapter 20: Impact if Free jets
Chapter 21: Hydraulic Turbines
Chapter 22: Performance of Turbines
Chapter 23: Reciprocating Pumps
Chapter 24: Centrifugal Pumps
Chapter 25: Miscellaneous Hydraulic Machines
Chapter 26: Elements of Hydrology
Chapter 27: Water Power Engineering
Chapter 28: Fluvial Hydraulic
Chapter 29: Flow Measurement and Laboratory Experiments

Author Details
"Dr. P.N. Modi" B.E., M.E., Ph.D Former Professor of Civil Engineering, M.R. Engineering College, (Now M.N.I.T), Jaipur Formerly Principal, Kautilya Institute of Technology and Engineering, Jaipur.

"Dr. S.M. Seth" B.E., M.E., M.I.E., Ph.D (Manchester) Former Director, National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee Presently Principal, Kautilya Institute of Technology and Engineering, Jaipur.

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